Services Provided

Individual Therapy - Teletherapy

We work with teenagers and adults to help them build coping skills, better manage emotions, and improve relationships. 

Areas of Expertise:

Emotional Support Animal Evaluations

Most pet owners would agree that their pets provide them a sense of comfort and joy emotionally that they would not have known without their furry friend. An emotional support animal is a “prescribed pet” that is aimed to specifically help those with mental health conditions. At Ivy Therapy and Counseling, we can properly evaluate to see if you qualify for an ESA using specific criteria. 

If qualified, your ESA will be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Fair Housing Act, allowing you to house your ESA without discrimination or “pet rent.” In simpler terms, you cannot be denied housing for your pet’s breed or weight, nor can you be charged additional fees for having an animal. 

Executive Coaching

As adults, we sometimes struggle figuring out how to stay on task, whether it be in school, college, or in our careers. There are times we need someone (other than our parents!) to hold us accountable and have a cheerleader in your corner who will help ensure your success. Life coaching is not the same thing as therapy. Life coaching may involve speaking a couple of times a week or sending emails/texts to help you stay focused and accomplished. Each person needs something different. This may mean helping you build your resume and practicing to interview or helping you to finish you homework (on time!). Reach out for more information on how this individualized care can benefit you.